Our trademark services make you stand out among your competitors and ensures that consumers identify your products and services from those of your competitors. It is important to properly register your trademark in order to protect your own unique brand, as well as your goodwill. Our trademark services protect you from competitors gleaning business off of your success through the unlawful use of your mark.

We believe that providing comprehensive, start-to-finish trademark services is important in order to see clients through to the final stage of trademark applications – trademark registration. Our trademark services include trademark searches, applications, and registrations. We also offer assistance in trademark infringement cases, opposition matters, and much more.

Besides Pakistan, we provide worldwide trademark services. We can provide you with advice and information on adverse reports, international infringement issues, international opposition by third parties, etc.

  • Conducting trademark searches and comprehensive trademark searches before filing trademark applications.
  • Preparing and filing both Pakistani and International trademark applications
  • Responding to adverse reports issued by IPO
  • Monitoring marks for unauthorized and unlawful use
  • Information concerning infringement
  • Advice and assistance in relation to opposition
  • The acquisition, enforcement and licensing of trade marks worldwide
  • Advice concerning the assignment of trademark ownership
  • Comprehensive trademark searches
  • Preparation and filing of applications
  • Trademark opposition and non-use issues
  • Registration finalization and the obtaining and issue of certificates
  • Prepare, file, and manage international applications
  • Responding to adverse reports
  • The conciliation and expenditure of trademark-related disputes
  • Organization of your trademark portfolios
  • Monitoring for infringement and trademark renewal

For step by step procedure of Trademark registration in Pakistan please read this article.

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