A patent is an exclusive right granted to the creator of an invention. Broadly put, in order to acquire such protection, an invention must be technical or functional by nature; it must contain an ‘inventive step’ and it must have an industrial use. A patent will confer on the owner the right to prevent third parties using the invention without prior consent. Once a patent registration is filed, it will be available to be viewed on the register. If a third party wishes to make use of the patented invention, it must enter into a commercial agreement with the proprietor of the patent.

MAK Legal supports clients throughout the innovation and patent life cycle. Our patent attorneys have a strong commercial focus and scientific and/or technical background, in addition to their expertise in national and international patent laws, enabling them to provide specialist support and advice to SMEs, large corporations, sole proprietor, IP departments, universities and research institutes in a variety of industries.

Our Patent services include:

  • Patent portfolio development and strategy – from invention spotting services to advice on the best methods of protection for a new invention or technology area.
  • Patent searching, including prior art and infringement searches
  • Prosecuting applications to grant – drafting, filing and prosecution
  • Enforcement and defense, including validity searches in case of infringement proceedings
  • Freedom to operate: clearance searching and opinions
  • Patent portfolio management – portfolio auditing and management strategies
  • Maintenance and renewals – services and technology to ensure rights are kept secure
  • Representation – oppositions, appeals and revocation proceedings, litigation support
  • Licensing and assignment – advising on, reviewing and drafting patent licenses.
  • Due diligence, e.g. sale or portfolio takeover
  • Collaborative forms of innovation, including the management of open innovation