Design registration can be an important part in an IP strategy for protecting technical innovation. Although often thought of simply in terms of design protection, a registration can also act as an addition or alternative to patent protection. While design registration protects the appearance of a product, rather than how it works or how it is made, a registered design may still provide significant protection in situations where patent protection is unavailable or not justified. Design law is applied to the look and feel of an object, rather than its function, so when asking ‘what is a design’, it is the product’s aesthetics and appearance that must be considered. This can include the shape, contours, colours, ornamentation or texture/material of the whole product or just a part of it, so long as it is new and possesses its own ‘individual character’.

Our Design services include:

  • From creative concept to prototype design – services to identify design features that are worthy of registration and advice on the best methods of protection.
  • Design searching – services to clear new features for registration prior to market launch.
  • Design portfolio development and strategy – strategic filing services tailored to your industry area and territories of manufacture and trade.
  • Design registration – drafting and filing applications, including managing oppositions.
  • Enforcement and defence – helping you to act when infringement occurs.
  • Design portfolio management – portfolio auditing and management strategies.
  • Maintenance and renewals – services and technology to ensure rights are kept secure.
  • Representation – oppositions, appeals and revocation proceedings, litigation support.
  • Licensing and assignment – advising on, reviewing and drafting licenses.