trademark trademark


Register your trademark in order to protect your own unique brand, as well as your goodwill. Our trademark services protect you from competitors gleaning business off of your success through the unlawful use of your mark.

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copyright copyright


Copyright protects expression of thoughts and ideas in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, in any mode or form of expression. Copyright provides protection to the authors of "original works of authorship".

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design design


Design law is applied to the look and feel of an object. This includes the shape, contours, colours, ornamentation or texture/material of the whole product or just a part of it, so long as it is new and possesses its own ‘individual character’.

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business-registration business-registration


Our team of top business lawyers will help you to set up your business hassle-free. Be it a Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd), Sole Proprietorship, or a Partnership Firm we cover it all. We are acquainted with the functioning of local market and will certainly be the ultimate guide to your business setup queries.

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domain domain


The digital and social media world is becoming more and more a vital part of your corporate branding and also for personal branding. The choice of a domain name has become an important business decision in order to protect it from infringement.

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market-surveillance market-surveillance


Our uniquely designed Market Surveillance Services continuously reviews risks to IP assets of our clients, update IPR holders and support in IPR protection and enforcements. All our clients as well as selected potential clients receive information free of cost.

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anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting


Undercover operation is proven to be the backbone of many of our assignments, whether it is to obtain evidence or intelligence from inside an organization or determine the source of counterfeit goods. Our main goal is to wipe-out imitators.

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other-services other-services


We offer several other services which include Undercover Investigation, Due Diligence, Background Investigation, and many other services for the protection of Intellectual Property and as well as other assets of your business.

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